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Best Haveli near Gurugram for vacations.

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The mysterious havelis, which are proudly standing tall in their crowning splendour, brought up memories of a bygone era and stories from long ago. We feel safe and secure in our isolation from the outside world as the ancient walls narrate the fascinating tales of our forefathers. This makes these Havelis the ideal location for a restful break away from the hustle and bustle of the city while taking in the breathtaking views of the environs. So be ready because we’ve compiled a list of gorgeous havelis in and around Gurugram that are less than 200 kilometres away! Best haveli near gurugram

Best Haveli near Gurugram for vacations.
Best Haveli near Gurugram for vacations.

1.  Rathi Haveli

For a relaxing weekend vacation with your family to hang out and have fun amidst the breathtaking views of the Aravalli, Rathi Haveli is waiting for you. It is the ideal location for embracing the abundant natural beauty and soaking in the tranquil atmosphere that your weary soul yearns for because it is close to the G-city. A luxurious staycation is made possible by their first-rate service, delectable fare, and breathtaking setting. So why are you still waiting?


Where : Rathi Haveli – Village Kota Khandelwal, Near ITC Grand Bharat Hotel
Approximate Tariff : On Request
Book Your Stay Online Here | https://www.makemytrip.com/hotels/rathi_haveli-details-manesar.html

2.  Haveli Dharampura (Best haveli near gurugram)

For all Delhiites, a historic haveli in the thriving Chandni Chowk market that has been completely renovated and given a fresh design is making news. You should probably go quickly if you haven’t already come here because you can’t afford to miss this fascinating haveli. Come on over here for a restful weekend of relaxation, time travel, and nostalgia for the past.


Where : Haveli Dharampura – 2293, Dharampura, Gali Gulian, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk
Approximate Tariff : Rs 11,210 Onwards
Book Your Stay Online Here : https://www.booking.com/hotel/in/haveli-dharampura.id.html

3. Chinar Haveli

The Chinar Haveli is a beautiful green boutique hotel and architectural masterpiece that combines Kashmiri, Keralite, and Rajasthani cultural elements. The attractive courtyards, which feature a swing, a swimming pool designed like an oasis, and a terrace, tell the story of a rich cultural past. Come over here to relax, unwind, and experience something beautiful. You can partake in enjoyable pursuits like horseback riding and golf instruction, take in a bonfire, and experience a whimsical farm life away from the madding crowd. Make plans right away!


Where : Chinar Haveli – Gurugram
Approximate Tariff : Rs 30,545 Onwards
Book Your Stay Online Here : https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/521661984

4. Amritara Chandra Mahal Haveli (Best haveli near gurugram)

If you enjoy all things opulent and want for first-class service, visiting this opulent haveli should be at the top of your bucket list. The location has an old-world charm that will win your heart along with the richness and monarchy in every crevice, and you’ll undoubtedly get to enjoy a fantastic escape from the daily grind and stress on your shoulders. Sit by the pool, indulge in soul-satisfying food, and contemplate your life as you relax and treat yourself. Go on!


Where : Amritara Chandra Mahal Haveli – Jaipur -Agra Road, Paharsar, Nadbai, Bharatpur
Approximate Tariff : Rs 2,266 Onwards
Book Your Stay Online Here : https://bookings.amritara.co.in/

5. Khohar Haveli

The perfect getaway, Khohar Haveli is tucked away in the Aravali Hills’ magnificent slopes. Because this wonderful haveli has preserved its 18th-century architecture, beautiful artefacts, and fresco paintings, you can feel like a king or queen and live life to the fullest. The biggest feature of this location is its organic garden, which provides a farm-to-fork experience. It also has a Mughal Do-Baagh, an octagonal water fountain, and a bonfire, all of which add to its allure, especially after sunset when it is well-lit. so make your reservation straight away!


Where : Khohar Haveli – Gurgaon
Approximate Tariff : Rs 37,000 Per Night
Book Your Stay Online Here : https://www.stayvista.com/villa/khohar-haveli?adult=1&child=0

6. Burja Haveli (Best haveli near gurugram)

The 240-year-old Burja Haveli, which stands tall and exalts an ethnic appearance at every step, is hidden away in a quiet area. As soon as you enter this magnificent haveli, you’ll feel like a Rajput with a touch of Rajasthani culture. Additionally, it takes pleasure in providing its visitors with expansive vistas of the Aravalli Hills. Get ready for a traditional welcome and immerse yourself in this gem’s cosy and welcoming atmosphere. So what is holding you back? ASAP make reservations for the following weekend!


Where : Burja Haveli – Alwar
Approximate Tariff : Rs 2,644 Onwards
Book Your Stay Online Here : https://www.makemytrip.com/hotels/hotel_burja_haveli-details-alwar.html

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