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The Top 9 Best Places to Eat Healthy Food in Gurugram.

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Healthy eating has become popular, and people are beginning to realise how important it is to watch what they eat. In light of this, we’ve compiled our favourite 9 healthy food spots that provide the best options without breaking the bank and, to top it all off, deliver directly to your door or place of employment! Healthy Food in Gurugram

The Top 9 Best Places to Eat Healthy Food in Gurugram.

1.  Pita Pit (Healthy Food in Gurugram)

Pita Pit, a well-known brand worldwide, offers soups, pita sandwiches, and salads that may be tailored to your preferences. Feel free to indulge in the decadent Falafel and Pitas with additional toppings of their tasty and nutritious sauces! The lengthy lines are evidence of the masses’ enthusiastic enthusiasm for this fresh and healthy alternative to hamburgers. Here, a two-person lunch will run you about Rs 550.


Where : Ground Floor, DLF Cyber City

2. Nutritious Nation

This store unquestionably dispels the notion that wholesome food cannot be delicious. Their well-considered menu distinguishes out from the competition and includes whole wheat burgers, high protein smoothies, and multigrain sandwiches. For those looking to lose weight, their Slim Down Detox drinks are definitely a must-try. Here, a lunch for two costs roughly Rs 650.


Where : DLF Phase-4

3. NOWW Cafe (Healthy Food in Gurugram)

This new cafe in Gurugram’s Gold Souk Mall offers gluten-free foods and probiotic beverages designed for post-workout sessions. This café, which is adjacent to Gold’s Gym, attracts a sizable number of fitness enthusiasts and fills the need for a location that provides clients with a healthy meal at a reasonable price. Free of additives, preservatives, and artificial colours, everything is freshly created. Here, a lunch for two will run you about Rs 900.


Where : Gold Souk Mall, Sector 43

4. Salad Days

Right to your door, Salad Days provides a wide selection of gourmet salads. Before you even start the meal, you are made happy by the immaculate packing and the personalised message card. You’ll fall in love with this restaurant right away thanks to the simplicity of selecting a delivery time window, the low-calorie dressings, and the delightfully flavorful salads. Approximately Rs 500 will buy two people a dinner here.


Where : DLF Cyber City

5.Fruit Inbox (Healthy Food in Gurugram)

Have you ever eaten fruits with a Mexican twist? Fruit Box makes excellent salads and offers us intriguing fruit and flavour combinations. Never knew that a fantastic lunch could be made with fruits, salsa, and tortilla chips until, of course, Fruit Box appeared! Approximately Rs 350 will buy two people a dinner here.


Where : Huda City Centre Metro Station, Sector 29

6. Nashta

Providing breakfast delivery in Gurugram as early as 6 a.m. Yes! She brings wholesome substitutes to the table rather than chowing down on high-calorie meals and drinking endless cups of coffee. A fixed vegetarian and non-vegetarian item, as well as fruits, salads, fresh juice, and desserts, round out the simple yet delectable menu. This makes for a full, balanced meal. Approximately Rs 700 can buy two people a lunch here.


Where : Sector 53, Golf Course Road

7. Zaza Box

Sound too good to be true? Organic and vegan meals can be delivered right to your door. With its most recent product, this IIT alumni business hopes to promote healthy eating in Delhi NCR. This restaurant’s fantastic feature—their daily changing menu to prevent monotony—is its culinary selection! You may easily buy everything from energy snacks to sweets free of gluten and health beverages! Approximately Rs 400 will buy two people a dinner here.


Where : E113 – E115, Sushant Arcade, Sushant Lok I

8. FRSH.com

FRSH.com delivers to both residential homes and offices, indicating the calorie intake with each item, and provides simplicity of delivery with their specialised app. FRSH.com is a healthy and inexpensive substitute for fast food, including yoghurt, smoothies, and specialty foods developed specifically for Indian palates, like Poha and Bhel Puri. Approximately Rs 400 will buy two people a dinner here.


Where : Sector 31, Huda Market

9. RawLeaf (Healthy Food in Gurugram)

Raw Leaf is our top option on the list because to its fresh salads and cold-pressed juices produced from naturally grown and hand-picked fruits and vegetables. The quantity is adequate to cover a respectable supper for one person and their pricing are reasonable. They also arrive quickly. Approximately Rs 400 will buy two people a dinner here.


Where : DLF Phase I and Palam Vihar

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