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You Can Satisfy All Your Korean Cravings At These 7 Fabulous Korean Restaurants In Gurugram!

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Are you at the height of your Korean cravings? Yeah!? You need not worry, though, for we are here to save you from the might of your hunger. So, with no worries in the world, jump in your car and go right to these incredible restaurants, where chefs will prepare delicious original Korean food especially for you. Decide which restaurants on the list are your favourites, and get ready to be amazed by their delectable fare and lively atmosphere. Take a look! Korean Restaurants In Gurugram!

You Can Satisfy All Your Korean Cravings At These 7 Fabulous Korean Restaurants In Gurugram!
You Can Satisfy All Your Korean Cravings At These 7 Fabulous Korean Restaurants In Gurugram!

1. Miso

If you’re in the mood for some flavorful stew or Samgyeopsal with Soju, Miso is the perfect Korean restaurant to satisfy your hunger. They serve Korean food with real flavours and textures. Therefore, when you go there, you may relax in this cosy setting and let these savoury treats fill you to the full.


Timings : Monday – Friday – 11:30 AM – 3 PM, 5 – 10 PM; Saturday & Sunday – 11:30 AM – 9:30 PM
Call Them : +91 1244 086 130
Meal For Two : Rs 1,500
Where : Miso – Global Foyer Mall, Unit 201D, Second Floor, Golf Course Road, Sector 43

2. Ninja Bowl (Korean Restaurants In Gurugram)

The last restaurant on the list is finally an Asian eatery that is ready to impress you with its mouthwatering fusion dishes like Bibimbap – Korean Rice Bowl, Katsu Curry, and Chicken Satay. These delectable treats will make you feel satisfied but leave you wanting more since, as the saying goes, your stomach may be filled but not your soul. So continue to indulge your sweet tooth at Ninja Bowl!


Timings : 12 Noon – 11:30 PM
Call Them : +91 9632 661 895
Meal For Two : Rs 700
Where : Ninja Bowl – Shop No. G-31, Sushant Shopping Arcade, Sushant Lok Phase I

3. Gung The Palace

If you want to experience Korean culture, Gung The Palace, one of the most genuine Korean restaurants, is the ideal location. You are blessed by this calming Korean-themed restaurant’s culture and cuisine, which will quickly make you feel better. Therefore, be sure to try their Spicy Samgyeop (spicy red chilli paste pork belly), Kimchi Casserole, or the well-known Kimbap (Dry seaweed roll), all of which are so delectable that they’re a true chef’s kiss, when you go there.


Timings : 12 Noon – 3 PM, 6 – 11 PM
Call Them : +91 9811 911 925
Meal For Two : Rs 3,000
Where : Gung The Palace – Plot No: 27, Sector 29, Near Signature Towers

4. Hahn’s Kitchen (Korean Restaurants In Gurugram)

Among all Korean eateries, this gem has been nominated as the greatest Southeast Asian/Oriental restaurant, and we know exactly why! This restaurant has an elegant Korean vibe and serves delectable treats including Bulgogi, a traditional Korean meal, and Urigulgeot Bossom, the country’s most popular dish. You should also have their Spicy Seafood Hotpot, which is stuffed with oysters, prawns, and calamari, if you want to heat things up. So, hurry over there!


Timings : 11:30 AM – 11 PM
Call Them : +91 1244 085 334
Meal For Two : Rs 1,800
Where : Hahn’s Kitchen – SN T1/101, 1st Floor, One Horizon Centre, Golf Course Road

5. Dalgrak

With their mouthwatering Korean stews, mouthwatering Jabche, and irresistible Spicy Fish Cake and Spicy Pork Stir-Fry Gimbap, Dalgrak is a restaurant that is aware of your love for Korean cuisine and provides you with the perfect eating experience. Your breath will be taken away by this stunning restaurant’s amazing meals & simple decor. Visit as soon as possible to enjoy the wonderful meals you deserve!


Timings : 10:30 AM – 7:30 PM (Closed On Sundays)
Call Them : +91 9667 620 297
Meal For Two : Rs 500
Where : Dalgrak – Golf Course Road, DLF Phase 5, Sector 54

6. Master Koii’s (Korean Restaurants In Gurugram)

The most energetic spot in town, Master Koii is a Pan-Asian restaurant that serves delicious Asian specialties that not only look enticing but also taste oh-so-good. And let us inform anyone looking for genuine Korean flavours that Master Koii’s delivers genuine delicacies on their enormous menu. You can therefore start by eating on their Kimchi Fried Rice and Krunchy Korean Chicken Strips before moving on to their Bulgogi Tenderloin to understand exactly what we’re talking about!


Timings : 12:30 AM – 11:30 PM
Call Them : +91 9810 543 049
Meal For Two : Rs 1,900
Where : Master Koii’s – 19, Flavour Town, Bestech Chambers, Sushant Lok Phase I, Sector 43

7. Midam

Visit Midam if you want to enjoy your favourite Korean dishes in privacy because they have private cabins where you can unwind while indulging in delicious Korean food. To satisfy your insatiable appetite, choose from their comprehensive menu, which includes Korean BBQ, flavorful shrimp, and rice cake soup with dumplings. P.S. – You must order soju to really enjoy this authentic Korean experience!


Timings : 11:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Call Them : +91 7838 111 002
Meal For Two : Rs 1,500
Where : Midam – Golf Course Road, South Point Mall, Sector-53

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